Parent Message 1-23-22

Parent Message 1-23-22
Posted on 01/24/2022

Dear Falcon Families,

Happy Sunday evening. SDUSD now has a “tiered continuum coverage system” to help school sites who are struggling to fill classrooms with teachers due to the increase in COVID cases. The system is a 4-tier system with each tier indicating further need of support. The final tier, in collaboration with San Diego County Health Officials and the San Diego County of Education, would result in a non-instructional “COVID Impact Day.” The great news I want to share is for all but one day in the month of January, Scripps Ranch High has been able to operate at the lowest tier, which means we have had enough class coverage to maintain current class assignments. We hope this continues and we gradually see a decrease in overall COVID cases by the end of the month. In today’s update, I’ve included information about final semester 1 grades, another (sorry) minor change in our onsite COVID testing hours, a reminder from our attendance office, and more. Here are the latest updates as of 1-23-22.

* Please forward this message to your child’s email account so they have all the latest info.

Final Semester 1 Grades

The Semester 1 grading period ended this past Friday, January 21st. Because of the increase in staff absences due to COVID, the district has now given teachers one additional week to finalize their grades before they are stored for distribution in the PowerSchool system. The last day of the grading term will NOT change. Teachers have been instructed to close their grade books for first semester on the last day of the semester, January 21st. Final Semester 1 grades will be available to view on Friday, February 4th via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The delay in storing grades will also delay athletic eligibility by one week. Eligibility will take effect on February 4th. Semester 2 still begins Monday, January 24th.


COVID Testing Hours

I apologize for the continued testing changes. Our onsite COVID Testing window is now Wednesday, 9am – 4:15pm.


Safety Reminders

See this Link: Safety Guideline Highlights 2021-22. The updated COVID testing hours have been updated.

A Message from our Attendance Office - Reminder

Our office has been experiencing a high volume of calls regarding students who need to leave early or are absent.  We ask parents to please call or email the Attendance Office at (858) 302-3400 to the following school attendance clerks:

A-L: Grace Parra, press 8, #, 3023 OR [email protected]

M-Z: Erica Savage, press 8, #, 3024 OR [email protected]

Blue Slips - Medical Appointments/Personal Business

Blue slips for medical, dental or other appointments must be obtained in the Attendance Office before leaving campus early. The parent or guardian must call the Attendance Office before 9:30 a.m. to arrange for a blue slip. Requests for blue slips received after 9:30 a.m. require approval from the Vice Principal. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the blue slip in the Attendance Office prior to the scheduled release time. The blue slip must be presented to the teacher to be released from class. The student must sign out in the Attendance Office before leaving campus and sign back in when they return. Leaving school grounds without a Blue Slip is considered a truancy. Parents cannot clear an absence via a Blue Slip after the fact. 

Absence & Tardy Verification

When verifying an absence or tardy for your student, please give specific information regarding the reason. Tardy students must sign in at the Attendance Office upon arrival. Consequences for excessive unexcused absences and tardies (5 or more per semester) will be assigned through our normal attendance procedures. Click here for more information regarding Blue Slips and Attendance. We encourage parents to please keep the above important information readily available in case of an absence or if your student needs to leave early.

Counseling Updates

Articulation: Articulation starts this week. Students will view a presentation in their English class on 1/24 or 1/25. They will be required to upload their course requests in their PowerSchool Student Portal AND submit an Articulation Card that will include their elective back up choices to their English teacher by Friday, February 4th at 3:30 P.M. Please click here for more information about the updated Articulation process and dates. Students will find their grade level Articulation information on their grade level page on the Counseling website.

Mid-Year Transcripts: Colleges that use the Common Application require a mid-year transcript be sent after second semester is completed. Counselors will automatically send a mid-year transcript to all Common App Colleges in which an initial transcript had been previously requested by a student and sent to the college. If a student needs a mid-year transcript sent to a college that does NOT use the Common App, they will need to re-request their transcript in Xello. It could take approximately 2 weeks to have all grades correctly uploaded to transcripts after the semester ends, therefore mid-year transcripts will be sent out the first or second week of February. Students who are taking college courses will also need to send a mid-year transcript to colleges requesting mid-year transcripts, which needs to be requested directly from the college.

Transcripts for CSU and UC colleges: Only request a mid-year transcript to a CSU or UC college if it they are requesting a transcript now. Most do not want a transcript until you have decided to attend the school and are accepting their offer of admissions or will just ask for a final transcript at the end of the year. When you do need a transcript sent to a CSU or UC school, in addition to requesting on Xello you must also email the registrar, Janay Lamar ([email protected]), to explain why you need the transcript. This is to confirm she is only sending transcripts when they are actually required.

CCAP Spring Classes: Students currently enrolled in one of our CCAP Miramar classes, please note that second semester CCAP classes will start on January 31st and not the first day of the second semester for high school. The college is in the process of enrolling students into their spring courses, so please encourage your student to be patient because they may not see next semester’s classes in their Canvas yet.

That’s all for this evening. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Matt Lawson, Ed.D


Scripps Ranch High School

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