Parent Message to Onsite Families 4-7-21

Parent Message to Onsite Families 4-7-21
Posted on 04/12/2021

Parent Message to Onsite Families 4-7-21


Dear Falcon (Hybrid) Families,


If you are receiving this message it is because we have you scheduled for the “hybrid” onsite learning option to begin Monday, April 12th. I apologize for not sending this message like I had planned yesterday afternoon. We wanted to make sure to double check our list from the changes over Spring Break and that took longer than expected. Below are some important details before you return on Monday.


* If you completed the “online only” Google Form yesterday requesting a change from “hybrid” to “online only”, please disregard this message.


Parent Acknowledgement Google Form – Mandatory Before Students Return Onsite

All “hybrid” families need to read and electronically sign this Google Form: Parent Acknowledgement of Onsite Instruction Option prior to entry to Scripps Ranch High. Completion of this Acknowledgment is mandatory for onsite learning. Students will continue with off-site instruction until this form is electronically submitted. Please complete this Google Form by tomorrow, Thursday, April 8th by 10am.


Attendance for Onsite Learners

Here is some information about how attendance will be taken for onsite learners:

  • If a student is assigned to onsite learning and does NOT attend on their assigned day, they will be marked absent for that day before 12 noon. Auto-calls will be sent out each afternoon to alert families that their child was marked absent for that day.
  • If the student did not attend onsite learning but DID attend a Zoom session or turned in asynchronous assignments for that day, the attendance code will be changed within the 5-day window to accurately reflect their participation by the teacher. 
  • Onsite students who are chronically absent on their assigned onsite days will be contacted by the attendance office to verify if they would like to remain in onsite learning or transition back to online learning only.
  • If an onsite student must transition back to online learning due to being quarantined, the teacher will be notified and the student will NOT be marked absent on those days if they participate in Zoom sessions or asynchronous assignments.


Drop-Off Location

Students can be dropped off on the street (Falcon Way) “round-a-bout” at the front of the school. Please do not drop off students inside the campus “round-a-bout” as that parking is reserved for handicap parking. Cones, security and the administration will be available in the mornings and afternoons to help direct traffic and ensure you know where to go. For safety reasons, the “Meanley” entrance on Scripps Lake Drive will be closed, so all students need to enter campus through the front of the school on Falcon Way.


Pick-Up Location (Afterschool)

Students should be picked up at the bottom of Falcon Way at the corner of Scripps Lake Drive and Falcon Way. In traditional years there are a lot of students that wait on the bench on that corner for their parents to pick them up. For safety reasons, students should not congregate on the bench and instead should maintain their physical distancing of 6-feet and wear their mask. Admin and security will be supervising in this area to ensure safety guidelines are being followed.


Video Coming Soon

Today we will be filming a video to show students what to expect when they come to campus. We will film items such as where to be dropped off and picked up, where to enter school, when and how to use ClearPass, what a classroom will look like, etc. I will send this out at the end of the week once it is ready.


Grab and Go Lunch

All students are eligible for a “Grab and Go” Lunch if needed. If you are in need of a “Grab and Go” Lunch, please complete this Google Form: Phase 2 Grab and Go Hybrid Learning.


Help Finding Classrooms Monday, April 12th

Administration as well as ASB students will be available Monday morning to ensure students know where to go to find their classrooms. We will be sure to be available during each passing period to help as well. Students can access their room numbers by looking at their Quarter 4 schedule on PowerSchool Parent Portal.


Use of ClearPass

Before students enter Scripps Ranch High each day, they must complete the ClearPass: using the ClearPass app on their cell phone to ensure they are safe to enter campus. Please review the ClearPass Job Aid to learn how to use ClearPass and use the QR code at the bottom of this blurb for easy access to the application. It is recommended that your child saves the ClearPass Application to the home screen of their cell phone for daily, easy access. Once arriving to campus, your child must walk directly to his or her teacher’s classroom and show the green check to the teacher to be admitted into the classroom. If your child receives a red check, he or she must stay home from school and email for next steps.



Qr code Description automatically generated


Leaving Class Early or Entering Class Late

Due to the restrictions associated with COVID 19, the process for students who need to arrive late or leave campus early has been revised for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.  Traditional paper “blue slips” will not be used.

Attendance Contacts:

Last Names A – L:  Grace Parra,, 858/302-3400, then press 8, #, 3023

Last Names M – Z: Erica Savage,, 858/302-3400, then press 8, #, 3024

Arriving Late:

If your student will be arriving on campus after 8:50 am, please email or call the appropriate Attendance Contact to inform them in advance, please include the student’s first and last name, grade, and reason for late arrival.  The student will check in with Campus Supervision at the front of the school upon arrival, then go directly to class.

If a student is arriving late due to a home period or blank in schedule due to a Miramar College class for the first class of the day, upon arrival the student will show a copy of their schedule to Campus Supervision – hard copy or on cell phone.  The student will check in with Campus Supervision and then go directly to class.

Leaving Early: 

If a student needs to leave campus prior to 12:50 pm, please email or call the appropriate Attendance Contact by 3:30 pm one day prior to the occurrence.  (No hand written notes will be accepted.  Late requests will be processed when feasible.)  Please inform your student in advance.  Please also email the teacher directly to let them know.

Student will be responsible for letting the teacher know that they need to leave the classroom.  The teacher will verify via electronic communication, prior to allowing student to leave.  Student will leave campus directly, checking out with Campus Supervision at the front of the school.

If a student is leaving prior to 12:50 pm due to a home period or blank in schedule due to a Miramar College class for the final class of the day, the student will show a copy of their schedule to Campus Supervision – hard copy or on cell phone.


Families in Need of a Thermometer - Reminder

Per the safety guidelines, students are expected to take their temperature every day before coming onto campus. To support those families who do not have access to a thermometer at home, San Diego Unified School District, with our Nursing and Wellness Department, is conducting a distribution of digital thermometers. These thermometers were donated to the district for distribution to families. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that families have access to thermometers to monitor health and detect illness early. The company donating the thermometers would like to collect data to track trends in illness. More information will be included with the thermometers. Thermometers are free of charge for families while supplies last. The team will distribute one thermometer per family. If you are in need of a thermometer, please complete this Google Form: Thermometer Needs


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.




Matt Lawson, Ed.D


Scripps Ranch High School



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